A Bovine based extracellular matrix native collagen membrane acts as a skin substitute for treating superficial and deep dermal burns in cost effective way.

TLC Technology

TLC Technology is an exclusive innovation from Laboratoires Urgo which allows to combine lipido-colloid particles in a non-occlusive fine mesh or within a foam dressing. This unique composition promotes healing in a moist environment, non-traumatic care of newly formed tissue and painless removal for the patient.
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Doctor’s Panel

A doctor within a given area available for consultation by patients insured under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Eucare Products

Eucare Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd., is a Bio-Pharmaceutical company incorporated in 1996 from Chennai, India. Pioneers in Collagen technologies and Drug delivery systems in the area of Burns, Advanced Wound Management, Surgical Hemostasis and Dental Regeneration concepts with true global focus.


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